Philadelphia Eagles: If the Birds want any chance at making a run, Carson Wentz will need to change his identity as a player

Photo Copyright: Eric Hartline

**Let me start out this article by stating that I believe this headline to be true for only the 2019 version of the Philadelphia Eagles. As we move to the future I do not believe Carson needs to change his approach to be successful.**

Good. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way and I can escape some of the wrath that is about to be bestowed upon me by the Pro Wentz crowd, we can get to the point and the truth for the final month of the 2019 season. Carson Wentz needs to change his identity as a player for the Birds to have any chance at making a run during these final 5 games.

What do I mean by this you ask? Great question, allow me to explain…think about it like this. On a basic level, each passing concept in football is set up with a good, better, best option if every receiver was able to get open. For example, on a flood concept to one side of the field, you typically have a vertical route by the outside receiver (BEST), then an out route by a slot receiver (better), and an option in the flat (Good).

What is happening right now is Carson is currently not throwing it to the “Good” option during his initial read, and is instead waiting to see if the “Better” option becomes available. This is where the rest of the team comes into play. The receiving core is not currently performing well enough to ever get open as the “better” option. This then leads to Carson to return to the “good” option, which is now a “bad” option because the defense has adjusted. Understand? Cool. Me neither, lets try again lol…

Let me put it this way, Carson is not throwing it to Sanders in the flat right away because he is waiting to see if Alshon can get open 10 yards downfield. When Alshon does not, Carson then returns to throw to Sanders who is now tackled for no gain instead of a 3 yard gain he originally would have had.

This has been Carson Wentz’s identity his entire career, to hold on to the ball, look to throw downfield, and make plays in the passing game. However 3 fumbles and 2 picks against the Seahawks showed you this isn’t going to work.

Carson’s new identity is going to have to be that of a quarterback who is content getting the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible to his play-makers in space. If this means 3 straight completions for only a total of 9 yards because your backs and receivers couldn’t make a defender miss. That’s a successful possession, because multiple position groups should feel good about themselves. The offensive line doesn’t give up a sack, multiple receivers touch the football early on, and as a quarterback early easy completions are the best way to find a rhythm.

If they Birds want any chance at making a run and winning the division the offense is going to have to show signs of life and be willing to adapt to the current situation. I believe Doug has finally come to this realization and it is time for Carson Wentz to do the same.

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